Who am I ?

My origins

I come from Mervent, a small village in the west of France.

First year of Master’s (2015)

During this Master’s year, completed in parallel with the School of Osteopathy, I discovered a passion for the anatomy and mechanics of the human body, through its discovery using 3D, thanks to the various dissections which I made during the training.

This Masters in Biology and Health has permitted me to deepen my knowledge of two fundamental areas:
- Anatomy, imagery and morphogenesis
- Biology and pathology of the thorax
Over 4 months, in the laboratories of the medical faculty of Nantes, I undertook dissection work on the anatomy of the dorsal longitudinal ligament at the cervical level.

Experience with Disability (2016-2017)

I worked, in parallel with my studies, for an association, Handisup.
The aim of this association is to allow students with disabilities to live independent lives.
There, I have met incredible people and make solid friendships.
The experience has made me really aware of how fortunate I am to be on two feet and independent.

Diploma in Osteopathy D.O. (2016)

I completed my five years of studies in osteopathy in the school in Nantes (IdHEO).
Being an Osteopath is for me the dream career. It is my passion. While I was a teenager, I always enjoyed caring for my relatives.

Sport and Health Engineering (2017)

In order to orientate myself towards the disability sector, I undertook the second year of my studies for my Master’s in the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Poitiers. This section of my degree is called “Rehabilitation Engineering, Handicap and Motor skills”.

The aim is to train experts (scientists, technicians, organisers) in the field of disability, and to give them the ability to carry out and supervise health-oriented physical activity programmes.

That year of study allowed me to:

  • follow-up observation and osteopathy sessions over a semester, at the heart of a wheelchair Basketball team in Poitiers (Asshav Poitiers)
  • carry out a five-month internship at the central university hospital Lille , in the geriatrics department in order to carry out an an observational study of elderly people who, caused by a loss of balance, fall frequently..
  • Use tools in posturology (force platform, treadmill (Gait Rite)
  • understand the organisation of a hospital unit.

Hong Kong (June 2017 to January 2019)

My partner got the opportunity in June 2017 to spend 4 months in Hong Kong for his work. I left with him and we finally came back to France in January 2019.

This experience far from my known cultural landmarks, has made me grow in many ways:

  • discovering that Asian culture fuses with Western culture in this densely-populated and autonomous province.
  • practising Osteopathy in English
  • the discovery of traditional Chinese medicine and its application in osteopathy
  • the difficulties and the joys that you experience while living in another country : the loss of points of reference, the lack of relations with your family and friends, isolation, communication difficulties, especially at the beginning, but it is also about discovering amazing landscapes, new opportunities to work and new ways of living (for example living on an island, using the ferry as an everyday means of transport), and meeting news friends.
  • resourcefulness and curiosity that feed and hone the mind.

Barcelona (2019-2020)

2019, we arrived in Barcelona, ready to experience a new immersion in Spanish culture.

As a result of a very pleasant meeting, I started working as an Osteopath at the Arion centre in Barcelona.

In February, at the same time, I joined the Tiana health centre (near Barcelona) to work part-time, on perinatal care. There, I mainly treated infants, young children and their mothers.

Mervent (2020)

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